Recovery of SUW, NFU, SIW and plastics

The management and recovery of waste is becoming one of the main challenges facing today's society, given its growing generation and great environmental, social and economic impact.

In Spain, each citizen generates - on average - one and a half kilograms of trash per day (Solid Urban Waste - SUW); to which must be added the waste associated with industrial activity (Solid Industrial Waste - SIW).

The main destination of all this waste is currently the landfill, an option that, in turn, represents the least recommendable management route both at environmental level and pressure on the territory that exists in some areas of the country. The other possible management routes, such as recycling or material or energy recovery, although its implementation has been growing in recent years, still represent levels well below the European average.

However, this situation can be transformed in the coming years thanks to the impulse initiated from Europe to reduce more and more the elimination of waste in landfills and to increase as much as possible the specific weight of the other, more sustainable management routes, mainly the material and energy recovery.

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KERN focuses on two areas of action:

  • Urban solid waste separation and recovery  facilities (RSU)

  • Separation and recovery facilities for industrial solid waste (RSI)

  • Tire separation and recovery facilities (RFU)

  • Plastic separation and recovery facilities

In both cases, KERN performs "turnkey" installations