Kern Group


KERN Strategies & Developments is an innovative engineering company, with private capital, dedicated to the promotion, design, execution, start-up, operation and maintenance of facilities in the sectors of:

  • water treatment
  • photovoltaic solar energy
  • recovery of waste and
  • electrical

KERN has a human team, made up of senior engineers and technicians, who has extensive experience in the sectors where it operates.

KERN acts as Engineering and Consulting for promoters and other agents offering integral solutions.


The mission of KERN is to contribute in a relevant way to sustainable industrial development, providing innovative technological products and services in the sectors of water treatment, solar photovoltaic, recovery of waste and electrical.


The values that guide KERN are:

  • be an independent, innovative and creative company
  • maintain a high degree of engagement with the objectives and needs of their clients
  • consolidate and expand its structure, ensuring the stability and promotion of the people who make it up