Privacy Policy

Kern SD

The user understands and accepts that the data provided by him/herself to KERN Strategies & Developments, S.L. (KERN) through its official website, will be included in any of the automatic and confidential files which belong to KERN with the purpose of future communications with him/her.

KERN informs the user that is optional to provide his personal data to KERN and that the unique consequence of not providing them is the impossibility of future communications to him/her by KERN.

KERN informs the user that it has implemented all the necessary security measures to prevent the alteration, loss, processing and/or unauthorized access to his/her personal data, taking into consideration the current state of the technology, the origin of the data collected and the risks, whether they come from human or environmental actions.

By clicking ‘Send’, the user gives to KERN the explicit consent to processing his data.

If the user wishes to exercise his right of opposition, access, correction or cancellation of the data provided, he/she can inform the responsible of the file, KERN Strategies & Developments, S.L., C/ Gran Vía 36, 1º Izq., 50.005 Zaragoza (Spain).

All of this, in accordance with the Organic Law of Data Protection (15/1999 of December 13) and its implementing regulation.