Saline Electrolysis

We are born in a natural symbiosis with water. Always present, it is one of the basic elements that will accompany us throughout our lives, we will drink water and we will use it to bathe and keep clean, we will use it out of necessity and for pleasure.

Because one of our greatest pleasures is the pool, for fun or sports, the pool is one of the most rewarding elements that we have to relax, reflect, have fun, live together, etc.

However, for the enjoyment to be total, the water of the pool must have a special care and maintenance so that its quality is optimal and its enjoyment is safe and healthy. The quality of water can be diminished by substances emanated from the human body such as sweat, secretions of saliva and mucous, oils and sunscreens, urine, among others, which generally contains amines.

Saline electrolysis of water is the solution. It is a technology that works with slightly salty water that is pleasant and healthy for the human being.

Spec Sheet