Briquette and pellet plants

Briquettes and pellets are an alternative to generate clean energy, which encourages the proper use of renewable resources for the benefit of the environment.

We are talking about natural and 100% organic biofuels, with high calorific power compared to other energy sources, which allow easy handling, do not produce odors or smoke or sparks, have no binders or additives, and produce a low volume of ash.

Briquettes and pellets are used for heating in sectors such as domestic and farms and as a heat source in industrial and restoration processes.

The main applications by sectors are:

    • Domestic: in fireplaces, stoves, boilers, barbecues
    • Industrial: in any industry that uses fuels such as diesel and / or fuel oil to supply its industrial boilers and furnaces (textiles, cardboard and paper, industrial bread baking ovens, cement plants, brick factories ...)

  • Farms: mainly swine and poultry farms

Restoration: grills, brasseries and pizzerias

Spec Sheet
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The services offered by KERN in this field are diverse:

  • Turnkey projects or EPC of power generation plants with and without thermal use
  • Operation and management of third party plants