Hydrogen – Oxygen Units

KERN builds hydrogen and oxygen production units

The need for the availability of hydrogen ‘in situ’ has led us to develop bipolar electrolyzers capable of producing hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis of water.



The principal systems of these plants are:

  • Rectifying unit and water electrolysis
  • Hydrogen/Oxygen low pressure storage
  • Hydrogen/Oxygen purification
  • Hydrogen/Oxygen high pressure storage

Main technical specifications:

  • Hydrogen capacity in the range of 1 to 200 nmc/h de capacidad: de 1 a Nm3/h
  • Hydrogen/oxygen production ratio (2:1)
  • Electrolyzers: easy to maintain, reliable and safe (tested in environments where safety and reliability requirements are very high - electrical stations, ...)
  • High level of gas purity

Spec Sheet

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KERN develops tailored solutions to meet the technical-economic needs of its customers. Services offered by KERN are:


1.- Engineering and projects:

  • Turnkey projects (EPC)
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Auxiliary services

2.- Project management:

  • Technical-economic feasibility studies
  • Management and supervision of Works
  • Purchase management
  • Permits and licenses management
  • Legalization of the plant
  • Start up

3.- Assembly, operation and maintenance of plants

KERN through its technical team, exploits, manages and maintains third-party facilities